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Does the HPWH AC have broad market prospect

Does the HPWH AC have broad market prospect?





What is the Heat Pump Water Heater Air Conditioner(HPWHAC)?Lots of users are not very familar with this kinds of product.Simply,it is integrated unit which combine Heat Pump Water Heater(HPWH) and Air conditioner.So HPWAC is a kind of new combination.It is energy-saving and high efficiency which have broad market prospect.




HPWAC-Working principle

The internal structure of Heat Pump Water Heater Air Conditioner are mainly composed of four parts as compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. When the water is not used, it is a separate air-conditioning system. When air conditioning is not used, it is a Heat Pump Water Heater system.When each system is working, it is being carried out independently which does not cause any interference. Heat pump Water Heater Air Conditioner can not only improve the quality of life of the family but also apply to the occasion of using hot water and air conditioning like small business places. Morever,it  can maximize the use of energy.


Heat Pump Water Heater Air conditioner have many advantages
The Heat pump Water Heater Air conditioner has significant heating efficiency. Making the same amount of water, its power consumption is only equivalent to the one quarter of electric heating.Namely, electricity fees is just one fourth of the electric heating. It can meet the needs of heating in winter , cooling in summer and provide the needs of domestic water heater.It even can connect to the radiator or floor heating system to achieve multi use of one machine. After the start of the system, it can provide adequate water in 24 hours and the water temperature is constant.


In the course of the work, the water and electricity are separated completely to prevent leakage accident fundamentally without any toxic gases. When system is used, it has begun to use the microcomputer to proceed automatic control.Because of  intelligent operation, the user can enjoy the human nature of the control. The Heat Pump Water Heater Air conditioner will not produce waste gas in the working prgoress. It is a way of absolute environmental protection. Easy to installation.And it do not take up too much space.It is very suitable for the use of high-rise buildings in large and medium cities.


The development of Heat Pump Water Heater Air conditioner is a little restricted by the pricing.But it has gradually been recognized by the people.And it will play an important role in the modern annual life.As a professional supplier,
GLOREEN will persisently develop new
energy-saving product for global clients and strive harder for creating"Green Globe".