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Gas Water Heater VS Air Source Water Heater
 Gas Water Heater VS Air Source Water HeaterWhich one is better?



When it is cold,the user begin to use Water heater more frequently.There are many kinds of Water Heater on the market mainly include Gas Water Heater and Air Source Water Heater(ASWH).Lots of consumers have a question-"What kind of Water Heater fit for me?"Base of the market data,the market size of ASWH is rising annually.




Purchasing Water Heater Tips:

Energy-Saving, Eco-friendly,A little higher price.

Technically,ASWH is not the newest product,which has come into the market for several years.As far as theory concerned,ASWH is more energy-saving.It actually adopt the theory of Heat Pump which use air as heating source to proceed recycle of cooling&heating.Then it produces hot water by the evaporator absorbing and leading- in water.The Air conditioning Water Heater combin the Air Conditioner and Water Heater.

Several years ago,the consumer perception is not high.The ASWH is the best game but no one played.However,recently,ASWH have drawn much attention and market size is larger and larger


Advantage:High efficiency and money-saving

Eg,in China,generally, a family of three normaly spend 0.52USD to use Gas Water Heater, USD 0.7 to use Electric Water Heater and 0.06USD to use Air Source Water Heater daily.The energy-saving,Eco-friendly effect is very obvious.Compared to Solar Water Heater,ASWH supplying hot water is not affected by weather.Water outflow is more than Electric Water Heater.It is safer than Gas Water Heater.


Shortcoming:The installing requirement is a little high.

The price is a little higher than other kinds of Water Heater.But ASWH is with high quality and high price for mid-end and high-end consumers.

Installing requirement is higher.Because most of them are 120-150 Liters which require the house have more space.For most of common family do not have enough space.Some residential quarters have installing position on the balcony.For the above 120-150L,it is suitable for large room,compound floor and villa.There is a good news that GLOREEN have solved this problem.A new all-in-one ASWH with about 50 Liters has been developed.

It is also can fit for most of families which do not have much space.

Large capacity Gas Water Heater start-up cost energy
For Gas Water Heater as daily highest appliance,from the consumer's point of view,large capacity product’current speed is faster and its flushing make users feeling more comfortable.So large capacity Gas Water Heater take much market share.

However,Gas Water Heater has its shortcoming.Besides the gas can not be burnt completely and toxic gases is discharged,it easily causes safety accident.Morever,the Gas Water Heater's starting water pressure is high.The users who live in high floor are unable to start the Gas Water Heater without booster pump.Installation inconvenience is another problem.Because a hole need to be made in the wall and it is complicated.

It can be seen that the ASWH is the future trend of water heater.The consumers have gradually accepted this kind of product for high efficiency,safety,convenience.