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How to install the Air Source Heat Pump
 How to install the Air Source Heat Pump?


The Air Source Heat Pump(ASHP) can not only cooling but also heating.It is energy-saving and has the advantages of comfort and energy efficiency.It can used for lots of plances like school,hotel,commercial office,villa,canteen etc.Gloreen will share more about the ASHP installation.


ASHP engineering system composition

Air source heat pump engineering system is composed of host, distribution box, flow switch, sensing device, water pump, fan coil, heating, water tank, a temperature control system and components.

ASHP installation and construction procedure


Firstly, determine the optimal placement of ASHP. Need to consider the impact of noise, wind and other factors.Generally it is placed in equipment room.


Secondly,the height between ground to the threshold should be reservated ( for installation of floor heating).The space between the ceiling and hang ceiling is preset ( for the installation of fan coil pipe), The wear tube line hole is reserved.


Thirdly,the installation of ASHP.ASHP include unitary and split.The integrated unit namely the condenser and water pumps are integrated within the host.The users just need to connect the host water inlet&outlet to the water tank when install it.The split unit as condenser's copper pipe is within the water tank.The users installation not only connect inlet and outlet water pipe to the water tank but also connect the refrigerant inlet and outlet pipeline to the water tank.


Fourthly, water system connection include the connection between the host and the water pump, valve, heating system of water tank etc.


Fifthly, electrical equipment connection include the connection between the cable, water pump, fan coil power line, temperature control device, pressure switches and other components.The installation need profession to ensure that the electrical system connection and wiring diagram is consistent.


Sixthly, each pipeline pressure test.When pipeline system installation is completed,the user need to check if the pipeline connection is with leakage phenomenon


Seventhly, pipeline system nees thermal insulation.Any outdoor pipeline system suppress test after all need a good job of insulation and fixing


Eighthly,The equipment debugging and running. The user need to check insulation performance of unit before it is started.The power line must be grounded. After confirm it is fine,then start ASHP and run.


The installation of ASHP is similar with the one of air conditioner.When user install the ASHP,pls refer to the above steps.


At present, Gloreen have developed residential all-in-one Wall mounted air source heat pump.It is very easy to install and save the installation problem.It can be wall mounted and put on the baclony. Very easy to maintain and clean.It is ideal or the uses of residential.