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The Hybrid Ducted Split AC with Hot Water Coil system

The Hybrid Ducted Split AC with Hot Water Coil system
One new Double Energy system is recommended by Gloreen for oil and gas resourceful country.This Double Energy sytem is specially developed for some countries where have demands for a ducted split air conditioner which can use refrigerant to cool a room in summer and hot water from boiler to heat a room. This hybrid ducted split system has a direct expansion coil for air conditioning cooling, and a hot water coil encased in the same indoor for hot water heating. The reason why using hot water for heating is the oil and gas supply is cheap in those Countries.

Indoor Unit:
The indoor unit is consist of high quality materials and components for better performance and durability.
And after several years of improvements, now it evolved to 3rd generation. A lot of components have been improved according to market demands, like dual-direction of water drainage pipe, optimized hot water coil pipe connection, big LED wire controller. The capacity ranges from 24000Btu/h to 60000Btu/h.

Outdoor unit:
The outdoor units are equipped with high performance Japanese brand compressor, and have both normal and tropic series. The ambient temperature of tropic series is as high as 52℃. The outdoor unit of 24000Btu/h and 36000Btu/h is single fan type, and 48000Btu/h and 60000Btu/h is double fan type.

What features does this system have?
Equipped with adequate safety devices for system protection
Has normal and tropic series to meet different working ambient temperature.
Capacity range from 24000Btu/h to 60000Btu/h
The case is made from heavy gauge galvanized steel with powder coating paint.
Auto restart function standard, the unit returns to work when power on after breakdown
Easy connection between indoor and outdoor
Direct Expansion Cooling
Hot Water Coil Heating
Hybrid Ducted Split Air Conditioner with Hot Water Coil

By this hybrid system,the user can make full use the redundant oil and gas to cool or heat the house to creat the comfortable living enviroment.