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The difference between Fresh Air System and Air Purifier

The difference between Fresh Air System and Air Purifier

In recent years,the haze weather is increasing in some countries.It shows the trend of continued intensification and periodic extension.Some people even get the Pharyngitis, Pneumonia, and even Lung cancer.It grows public concern over the haze.If the door and window is closed,the carbon dioxide and other harmful and dirty gases will accumulate to harm the health.Face of hard choices,the expert suggest people to install Fresh Air System.Some users feel troublesome and buy air purifier in stead of it.So what the difference of Fresh Air System and Air Purifier.How do the consumers choose it?


What is the Fresh Air System?As the name suggests,the Fresh Air System is construction mechanical and electrical system supplying fresh air for buildings.It consist of Central Fresh Air Unit(including air handling function), Ventilating duct,Vent(Inlet and Return Air). It discharges the indoor dirty air which is heat recovered to the outside. At the same time, the outdoor fresh air will be filtered and processed and enter into the efficient heat recovery device.Then it will be continuously and uniformly sent into the indoor.



Fresh Air System have three basic functions as comfortable ventilation, high efficiency filtration and heat recovery.


1.Comfortable ventilation(Healthy、comfortable).

First of all,the ventilation is effective and complete.Fresh Air System fulfill mandatory and complete ventilation in the house by air pressure difference from system-designed air intake and air return. In modern architecture, The air tightness of doors and windows is getting higher and higher.The indoor harmful gas like bacteria,secondhand smoke, formaldehyde and benzene etc can not be discharged in time. The indoor air quality seriously declin.It do harm to human health and can even cause lung cancer, leukemia, etc. Ventilation is the most direct and effective way to improve the living environment. And it has become a necessary means to improve the quality of life. In some countries in Europe,the residential ventilation requirements has been the enforcement of the terms.

Secondly, the ventilation of Fresh Air System is orderly and controllable.The Room ventilation consist of orderly ventilation and disorderly ventilation. The orderly ventilation  refers to the trace and direction after fresh air entering into the room is fixed and controllable. It can deliver fresh air to where the owner needs (such as bed position in bed room and sofa position in living room).And the indoor dirty air will be firstly discharged in the shortest distance (such as the kitchen and bathroom). The ventilation of Fresh air system is orderly ventilation.It forms wentilation route of point to point through the air outlet and the air inlet design.The inlet (fresh air) is designed near the bed, sofa, table where the owner mostly need it.And the return air outlet (dirty air) is designed in toilet, kitchen to let the dirty air to discharge rapidly. Conversely, the air intake flow is chaos and disorderly.the indoor polluted air and fresh air mixed together and can not be discharged in time.It can be described as disordered ventilation. Disordelyd ventilation is the most common is opening window ventilation

Thirdly, the ventilation of Fresh Air System is gentle, quiet and continuous. Because there is no noise which can not form indoor dust and blowing sense.The fresh air enter into the room and is handled (heating or cooling humidification or dehumidification) to get close to room temperature.The user will be very comfortable.And the indoor humidity can be adjusted,too. It is healthy and comfortable



2.Efficient filtering (Health) filtering is the most effective means to eliminate the haze in room. The filter of Fresh Air System contains primary, middle and high efficiency.Consumers can select the filter according to local area and air condition. The primary effect filter and the middle efficiency filter can effectively filter solid particulate such as dust, smoke ,dust in the air and PM10. High Efficiency Particulate Air filter can effectively filter PM2.5. PM2.5 is a particle which is equivalent to a diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 microns in the atmosphere, and is also known as respirable particles or fine particulate matter.


3.Heat recovery(Comfortable,energy -saving). Heat recovery is mainly for comfort and energy saving.When the outdoor fresh air enter into the indoor and indoor foul air discharge, both proceed energy transfer and exchange to keep discharged foul air energy (heat and cooling energy) and transfer to the above of interior fresh air.By heat recovery, indoor fresh air temperature get close to room temperature.the body feels comfortable. And it operates economicly, energy saving and environmental protection.

It can be seen that the basic housing ventilation is very easy to be fulfilled.Opening windows can can do that. But the healthy, comfortable and energy-saving ventilation mode only can be achieved by the professional installation of Fresh Air System.


Air purifier can purify the air? Air purifier, also known as air cleaners , air fresh machine refering to the electrical product filtering, adsorping or decomposing various air pollutants to improve the air cleanliness.There are mainly two kinds like household and commercial air purifier.The  air purifier fan circulate the indoor air.The polluted air are sent out from outlet by the air filter filtering, adsorbing the various pollutants to achieve air purification.


The basic principle of the air purifier is filtering as filtering indoor dust. But it is very limited to clean harmful gas in the room. The use effect have something to do with the size of the room, the filter area and the air volume. Because the cost and the volume etc, the actual  effect is very limited. And the filter efficiency gradually decreased with time.It is difficult to achieve the desired result.



Explain more about the functions of Air Purifier:


1, Adsorption. Activated carbon adsorption is currently conventional weapon of almost all purifier on the market.It can adsorb certain bacteria , dust and harmful gas in a short time.Low price and certain bacteria and dust can be filtered. But the activated carbon adsorption has very limitations, Its limitation is very short.Due to have no ability to choose adsorption object (only water adsorption rate is 45%). Generally,it needs to be replaced after one month.


2. Ozone. Main working principle is the ion ozone generator. It is with low price. More functions than the freshener.It can increase the quantity of negative ions in the air and reduce the dust of the solid state in air.It has a bactericidal effect but has little effect decomposition formaldehyde, and other harmful gases. The ozone generator generate high concentration ozone which can kill human leucocyte when killing some viruses and bacteria at the same time.It has the possibility of causing cancer.And negative ion easliy absorb cust.


3. Chemical decomposition. Main products as the air refreshing agent (such as flavor) is with low price but it only covers some of the odor.It simply can not eliminate the air pollution.And the long-term memory in the room might occur complex chemical reaction to be a new sources of pollution


4. Catalysis and decomposition. It is mainly photocatalytic purifiers which can decompose harmful gases.The price is relatively low. However, the photocatalyst is still in experimental stage.The technology is not yet mature


In summary, though Fresh Air System's initial installation cost is slightly higher and the installation is relatively complicated. (But currently the Fresh Air System without layout pipeline has appeared. It is not as convenient as the plug and play of air purifier.But as far as the product function and persistence concerned, Fresh Air System is with better performance, eliminating indoor pollution more completely and working without noise,dust and hair feeling.It is soft, quiet and comfortable.Compared the air purifier's large work noise and high wind velocity, it is more suitable for family use.