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Why is Gloreen Climate-control system the integrated environmental solution

Why is Gloreen Climate-control system your integrated environmental solution?

Gloreen have developed an new climate-control system for different use.The user can achieve the perfect enviroment in different places like your house,working office or even yacht. The water-cooled Gloreen Climate-control system cools with tap water using an automatic control valve or other water source via a bypass. The water-cooled system does not require any outdoor unit.Easy to install, even in a smaller space. The flat design have the system to be completely concealed as in a suspended ceiling or under a sofa in a yacht. The ventilator can be placed either on the side or the front.

The split Gloreen Climate-control air cool system works base of the same principle as the water-cooled design. And the split Gloreen Climate-control system have an outdoor unit.

The Gloreen climate-control system are developed base of the higher requirement of people from different enviroment. This is a fully optimized and efficient system.And it enables the climate to be adjusted to perfection while very energy-saving.

The Gloreen Climate-control system is the real integrated solution for managing your indoor climate and has the unique property of being able to cool or warm up or dehumidify, filter and circulate air at the same time. You are no longer dependent on the outside temperature and can experience the perfect climate in summer and winter. You can even achieve the ideal temperature during a heat wave. The Gloreen climate-control system creates an optimal distribution of air in the room creating an even temperature. The temperatures can be exactly adjusted as your wish and will be continuously maintained.

What are the main features for Gloreen Climate-Control system?

Prevent harmful substances and odours
The built-in lightweight dust and carbon filter keep the interior components dust-free.

Dehumidifying air
The dehumidification functions of all other (water-cooled) air conditioning systems on the market work based on cooling. During cooling, the air is dehumidified, which is a natural phenomenon. If there is littlewarmth in the air, the required temperature is quickly reached and the air conditioning discontinues cooling and dehumidifying. This keeps atmospheric humidity high.Compared to its competitors, the Gloreen Climate-control system has the unique property of being able to dehumidify even after the desired temperature has been reached. 

Humidifying Function(optional)
The Electrode humidify function can be added.And the humidifier inside the unit can humidify the air.The user can  keep humidity at certain percentage.

Operation control and alarming at a distance(App optional)
The newest Gloreen Climate-control system also has a communications port as well as an alarm outlet. After order this optional function, the user can use a computer or smartphone to operate or read the system remotely.

The Inverter techology will be available base of the client’s request later.

The advanced and ideal integrated solution in all conceivable applications
The Gloreen Climate-control system is the solution for industrial production,critical processes or storage with specific requirements on humidity.This system very fit for environments as storage specific storage, controlled growing environments,climate chambers, the food industry, large kitchens,canteens, changing rooms, saunas, museums or garages for classic cars. Depending on the setting and specific requirements, you can choose between the water cooled or air-cooled model.

What kinds of places do the Gloreen Climate-control system can be used exactly?
Traditional Architecture
Residential or Commercial occasions
Sea house or yacht
Artifical chamber
Drying room
Optimal growing

Why choose the water-cooled Gloreen Climate-control system?
Do not need outdoor unit for water-cooled Gloreen Climate-control system.
The water-cooled Gloreen Climate-control system has a unique bypass for using tap water or other water source.Reuse the warm water from the water-cooled Gloreen Climate-control system for your heating, swimming pool or jacuzzi and save costs.
You will use less power by using water as a cooling medium instead of air.
Includes built-in temperature and water leak protection.
Automatic water control valve for efficient water use.

Shall we choose Water-cooled or Air-cooled?
Both are available. The air-cooled model has an outdoor unit. The water-cooled system can be easily connected to the tap water system. If you prefer other water source, this is also possible via a unique bypass connection.

The water-cooled Gloreen climate-control system cools the air using water as a cooling medium and warms it up using electric heating elements.

Air-cooled with outdoor unit (split unit)
The split Air cooled Gloreen Climate-control works base of the same principle . The split air-cooled Gloreen Climate-control however uses air as the coolant instead of water.

Gloreen Climiate-control system fulfill the functions that normal air conditioner or air conditioning enquipment can not achieve and have the unique advantages.If the user have the demand base of above places,this system will be the most suitable choice.