Ceiling Dehumidifier GDD36H(Read more)

Ceiling Dehumidifier GDD36H(Read more)

Ceiling Desiccant Dehumidifier GDD36H(Read more)

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Desiccant Dehumidifier Series

Main Advantages:

*Very low noise

*Without compressor and more eco-friendly

*Backward air outlet

*Reduced energy costs

*Eliminates chemical and musty odors

*Corrosion Resistant Casing

*Simple to set up and operate

*Centrifugal fan direct-coupled to the motor

*Cleanable or disposable 30% inlet air filters

*Micro processor controlled System

*Efficiently dehumidifying even below 0℃

*Non-touch point tank full switch

*Electric, steam, direct or indirect fired gas reactivation

*Energy saving plastic cabinet dehumidifier

*Installed in the ceiling 

*Superior wire controller

*Simple installation


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