Robot Vacuum Cleaner GRVC-501(Read More)

Robot Vacuum Cleaner GRVC-501(Read More)

Robot Vacuum Cleaner GRVC-501 

Main Features:

* One-button operation, easy to use

* Anti-collision function- with 5pcs sensors in the bump

* Anti-fall fuction-with 4pcs sensors in the buttom

* Auto recharge:when power is less than 20% the machine via infrared automatic

search charging station, charging dock automatically leave fully charged to

continue cleaning

* 2000mAh Li-ion battery-lifetime more than NI-MH battery

* 9cm slim, free access to the bed, sofa and coffee table bottom

* Lower noise-55dB

* 8 cleaning mode: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes time cleaning optional,

spot cleaning mode, free mode, along the wall, along the pillar mode, remote

control mode

* ABS fireproof material, UV piano paint technology, stylish and engaging

* Double side brushes,cleaning more thoroughly

* Adapt to different surface:wooden,short hair carpet,marble or the tile floor
*Spray other color

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